Saturday, December 13, 2008

Super Tired, But Home

Hey everyone I'm home from work and I am super tired, but its all good I had fun at work.  Hmmm for some reason I'm not looking forward to Tuesday haha.  Uhmmm yeah the stress from last night  went away so that's good.  I want to go on a date with this one guy, but he's super busy haha.  I'm going out with a special someone to a movie tonight though that should be fun.  I think I'm going to make a new video tongiht, but I don't know what it's going to be about? lalalala.  Well, I love you all, and if you love me you should follow me on yeah and! =D
Love You!


I'm tired now.  I've been up for so long, andddd I have to work tomorrow.  I'm glad the semester is over, but I'm taking a winter course so that doesn't help much.  I'm kind of stressing because I realized I didn't turn the right paper into one of my professors so I had to e-mail him, eh'. Have to pick textbooks up on Monday.  Anyways I have a new profile, I like it, look at it. It kept me up all night I should be sleeping now. 

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Night Lovelys,
The Queer Punk

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Okay so I'm getting ready for work =]
But my tummy is saying "growwwwwwl"
So I really need to eat, but I don't know what to eat....cereal? French Toast?
I don't know but I'll find something to eat.

I'm still recovering from last nights boy drama =[[[[ but I had my friend take my cell so I didn't have to read any texts from him.

Anyway, today should be a great day! At least that's what I'm hoping for hehehehe!

Love You All,
The Queer Punk

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Heart Keeps Breaking

I don't get it...=/

I protect myself and my heart all this time, and when I end up trusting somebody, I get hurt. I finally found a guy I really liked! It was great; he was cute, smart, and fun to be around. What more could you want. But then after he tells me how much he likes me and all of these lies, he changes his mood to flirty, takes everything about me on his myspace off, and his status is now: whip cream.

I don't understand I that bad that all this karma hits in the relationship zone right at once? I don't know I try my best to keep myself, and those closest to me happy, but I guess I can't do it for everyone.

Usually, stuff like this does not get to me, but I'm pretty devastated right now.

Love You All,
The Queer Punk

Friday, July 18, 2008

Update Before Work

Hey Everyone,

I'm just getting ready to head off to my wonderful job at Starbucks =)! As some of you know I got in a car accident the other day ow!!! I'm still sore =( waiting for the insurance company to tell me what they're gonna do with my car oo suspenseful. Haha but yeah I'm still happy and hyper and all that good stuff lol!

So I was in Cali the other day =) lots of cuties down there hahahahaha we went down to Huntington Beach, it was packed!!!! Wish I could have seen some of you guys =) May be next time! Yeah? yeah!
Okay well I will post a new more in depth blog later this was just a little update!
New video coming soon!
Love You,
The Queer Punk

Friday, July 11, 2008

Introducing the new blog :)

Hey Lovers,

It's been a crazy summmmmmmer so far! :) I've been missing all of you it's been crazy not being online as much. But now I'm back. I have my radio show up and running, the movement is growing quickly, there's more videos on the way. And NOW the blog is back up and running! yep yep. I hope to be posting on here as often as possible. Most of you know if you comment me I almost always comment/message back so yeah don't be afraid to talk to me hehehe. sooo update on today the first day in the blog...I pretty much just worked today it was fun I love my co-workers they are A-mazing I cannot stop laughing when I'm around them. I work at Starbucks by the way. The best company to work for ever! So I will be updating this a lot with my deep in-sight and philisophical ideas lolllll lmao! anyway guys. leave me some love on my mmhm.

Love you all,

The Queer Punk